Tune to WNKI 1610 AM Radio Station for local road, weather, fire and any other local emergency. WNKI can also be used to notify mountain communities and the motoring public of non-emergency condition as a result of local events or conditions which could affect vehicle or pedestrian traffic. WNKI will update as long as necessary until the condition is over.

WNKI is a volunteer radio service providing the mountain communities of Idyllwild, Pine Cove and Mountain Center areas with current condition for travel into and out of the mountain communities.

Emergency and non-emergency instructions from Idyllwild Fire, Riverside County Emergency Services and other Public Safety agencies would be transmitted via WNKI.

WNKI recommends that all Idyllwild Business Point of Sale (POS) personnel, and Residences have available:

  • Battery powered AM Transistor Radio
  • Extra Batteries
  • Flashlight